Greetings, ASDA players.

We are preparing the Event for upcoming Fashionista Event.

Please check the details below!

패셔니스타 서브배너.jpg

[Event 01] 2019 March Fashionista Event

- Event period: After the Maintenance on February 28th - Before the Maintenance on March 28th 26th (GMT+9)

 Please participate in the event with various costumes and concepts for celebrating March!

5 selected Fashionistas will be posted on our Facebook page and the winners will get 50 Gems,

Fashionista Token as a reward.


Stap 1. Click the link to visit our support page. 


Stap 2. Please submit a ticket using the following form to participate in the event. 

* Title: * : [Fashionista Event]
Content :

- Character name :
- Character Level :
- Leave your comment for ASDA community (and/or staffs).

Stap 3. attach your Fashionista screen shot.

- Press Alt+z to make the screenshot look better.! ;)

■ Caution

- The announcement will be posted on homepage and Facebook when closing the event.

- The winners' screenshots are revealed via Facebook.

- The reward is sent via in-game mailbox next Maintenance. (Maintenance after closing the event)

■ [Event Winners] 2019 March Fashionista

Winner Rink