The rule changes after 26 March 2019.

Game Rules

 Welcome to ASDA GLOBAL!

 While in-game, we expect all players to have a basic respect and understanding for other community
members and the ASDAGLOBAL (AG) staffs.
The following set of rules is provided to further outline our expectations
when it comes to in-game conduct.

 We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, so it's a good idea to revisit our page from time to time.

Then, please keep this information in mind:
1. Hacking/Auto-bot/Macro
Any use of third party programs to automate a function of the game is not permitted. Placing objects on your keyboard for your character to skill, or holding down a key while multi-tasking or AFK (e.g. Holding down a key for your character to attack while watching a movie) is considered botting. If you fail to respond to a GM
you cannot prove you were not AFK. 

The punishment is a below:
1st- Warning
2nd- 1 day from our service.
3rd- 7 days from our service
4th - 30 days from our service 
5th - permanent from our service
※ Abusing, hacking, account thief, client falsify - Permanent ban without warning (depends of the cases)
If you are not botting, please reply to the staff members when they are talking to you.
You will be banned for botting if you continue to attack and ignore.
Suspicious activities of botting/hacking will also get you banned.
Players are able to contribute to catching Auto-bot/hackers as well by submitting a report to our
Fan page ( or DQA (,
our responding time is 10:00 am - 19:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. (GMT+9)
You also report Auto-bot directly in-game to GMs, they will respond you if they are available.
Please avoid making false reports on players. 
2. Harassment /verbal abuse / offensive chat
The use of racial, insulting and offensive slur, libel, discrimination, deliberate unfriendliness towards a member, flaming,
trolling, inappropriate use of foul language is punishable.
Spreading false rumors or personal information of a member is also not acceptable.

The offender will receive a mute as below: 
1st - Warning
2nd - 1 hr from our service
3rd - 3 hrs from our service
4th - 1 day from our service 
5th - 3 days from our service
※ The punishment will be handled at our staff members’ discretion.
When speaking to an Administrator, being rude, disrespectful or giving an ‘attitude’ won’t
get you anywhere, don’t expect to get any help. You may be instantly banned or given any punishment.
3. Impersonation /scamming/stealing
Members pretending to be a staff member at AG is strictly not allowed.
Any attempts will result in a ban. If the act is continued, this will be escalated to a permanent ban from our service. 
 Report a player to a staff member if you witness anyone breaking rules.
Claiming you are able to punish another member falls under this rule as well as attempting to control other members.
 Reporter need to record or take screenshots of the scam as your proof.
Without any evidence, we cannot take any actions and your issue will be dismissed. If evidence is present
the scammer will have all their accounts wiped.
Also, advertising any other ASDA series' private server/ scamming website is a straight permanent ban
from our service. Don’t troll and advertise a dead/fake server, it may still get you banned.
4. Abusing glitches 
Abusing any glitches of any kind which grants you advantage over other members is punishable.
This also includes duplicating items, disconnecting members etc.
Depending on how severe the abused glitch is, the punishment ranges from a temporary ban to a permanent ban from our service.
All advantages gained from the glitch will be undone. If you discover a glitch, please report it to a staff member.
5. Privacy
You shouldn't give out your personal information (e.g. postal address, phone number, email address,
IP address, or the contents of tickets or other private conversations) to other community members.
 Never give out private information of any kind in-game - keep your data safe.
 We will not take responsibility for any issues regarding to accounts being hacked/losing items/deleted
characters etc.

if you have shared your account or your account information with anyone. Allowing a banned user to use your account will result in a temporary ban ranging to a permanent ban.
 Trading account are not prohibited in AG, however we don't encourage that and
you are fully responsible for all the consequence related to the use or transfer.
6. War Abusing
●Attacking the players in their base camp with Arrows and Soul Guardian skills.
●Using multiple accounts of opposite faction for entering the war to let more players in the battle fields. 
●Abusing multiple accounts to earn more points or win the match IS NOT ALLOWED.
 Using multiple accounts of opposite faction to give the points away. (Intended feeding) 
 If we find these cases from character's logs, both accounts (Main character and abuser) will get banned.
●Taking advantage from auto-Parry with macro or any of 3rd party programs will not be allowed from now on.   

1- If we see a warrior who stays in base or somewhere around the base and keeps using Parry skill only, this will be considered as "Abusing macro/bot", not the actual game playing. 

2- Both main character and bot character's account will be blocked to access on our game by following steps.  
( *Game admins will be randomly watching wars. Players' report without proper evidence won't be taken as a proof.  )

 These are not tolerable in Faction war, and we will consider these cases as 'Abusing bug/Loophole' from now.
 Please take a screenshot and report to AG staffs. If it's confirmed, the abuser's account will get banned as below:

1st infraction- Warning  
2nd- 1 day from our service.
3rd- 7 days from our service  
4th - 30 days from our service  
5th - permanent from our service 

    *This rule is valid from January 18th, 2018 15:00 (GMT+9). 

Thank you for loving and supporting us to make a nice AG world.
 ~AG team!