Greetings, ASDA players.

Some players don't know about Gem Consume Event. So we prepare the explain of Gem Event.

We will try to keep treating about ASDA's information in future. Please enjoy ASDA with this information!


■ How About Gem Consume Event?

Gem Event.png

When you enter the Gacha shop, you can see number 1, 2, 3 display on the upside.

We will explain this display's means!

① Discontinuity Gem Consume Check 

 - To receive the ① Event's reward, you need to spend a certain amount of gems with discontinuity days.

 - The day will be checked even you do not consume the gem every day. The counting day is calculated depending on all of consuming days. so you do not need to consume gems every day. 

 Gem Event 설명_비연속.png

② continuity Gem Consume Check

 - To receive the ② Event's reward, you need to spend a certain amount of gems with continuity days.

 - The day will be checked when you consume a certain amount of gems every day.

 - When you do not consume a certain amount of gems every day,  the counting day will be reset.

Gem Event 설명_연속.png

③ Accumulated Gem Amount Check

 - The total amount of gems you consumed. 

※ Caution

- All Gem Consume Event's counting days are calculated by each account's data(gem amount and period).

- So when you reach the required condition, the reward item is sent to on-line character via the mailbox.

- You cannot receive each Gem Event's reward twice.

- Gem Event's results are reset when the event is closed or updated.

  For receiving the New event reward items.

- The amount of Gem might be different on each event.

- Please check the event counting condition from the event page.