Greetings, ASDA players.

We are preparing the Event for upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

Please check the details below!

11월 이벤트 서브 배너.png

[Event 01] Thanksgiving Day Booster !

- Event period: After the Maintenance on Oct 29th - Before the Maintenance on Nov 26th (GMT+9)

■ How to participate in the event?

- During the event period, you can obtain the 'Thanksgiving Day Coin' from every monster! XD

You can obtain 3 coins by opening the attendance package from Alpen's Event NPC LaLa.

You can combine 100 Thanksgiving Day Coins by double-clicking. Then there will be an [E] Thanksgiving Day Booster instead of 100 Thanksgiving Day Coins.


Event Booster items:

ASDA Thanksgiving.PNG

[Event 02] Thanksgiving Day Happytime!

- During the Event period, there will be a double EXP buff from 2 AM to 4 AM every day.

※ Some event items will be deleted when the event is closed. Please check the list below.

- Thanksgiving Day Coin, [E]Attendance Package

※ Event contents are subject to change.

Thank you.

~AG team