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[Event Daily Quest] 

▶ Do the Daily Event Quest to get rewards!

- Daily quests will be added for each Elite fields. Do daily quest once a day, and get Frankenstein Box Booster! 



* You can get the Daily quest depending on your level. Please check the below:

Queen’s Palace (Lv35~44)

Night Valley (Lv45 ~ 49)

Mt. Flamion (Lv50 ~ 54)

Castle of Chess (Lv55 ~ 59)

Stagnant Desert (Lv60 ~ 64)

Dragon’s Lair (Lv65 ~ 69)

Castle of Chaos (Lv70 ~ 79)

Neverfall (Lv80 ~ 84)

Astarika (Lv85 ~ 89)

Obscuran (Lv90 ~ 99)

[Time Gift Event]

▶ You can get the [E] Pumpkin Token(5) every 2 hours.

[Event Shop] 

▶ You can use the Tokens in NPC LaLa's Event shop. Tokens are obtained from participating various events.

* Also you can get tokens from digging and fishing.

Event Shop 'Special' Tap items:



[Event Title]

▶ You can get titles from this event. Please check the below:.

CategoryIndexNameRarityPointsThe way to getAmount
Event423FrankensteinRare10Can get from Daily quest rewards10
Event424TrickRare10Can get from Event Shop1
Event425TreatedRare10Can get from Event Shop50
Event426SkullRare10Can get from Event Shop100
Event427HalloweenHero30Can get automatically when obtain 423~426 title
Event523Modern PrometheusHero70Can get from Daily quest rewards10
Event524SkeletonHero50Can get from Event Shop50
Event525Spooky ScaryLegend100Can get automatically when obtain 523 ~ 524 title

[Gacha Bonus Event]

If you complete the events below, you will obtain Gacha Bonus Rewards!

* Every reward from this event will be delivered once per account.

1. Consuming Gems!

Spend 2 or more gems a day for 10 days (not in a row), you will get '[P]Style Shop Coupon(5+1)'.

2. 5-days relay Gem consuming event!

If you spend more than 6 gems every single day for 5 days in a row, you will get '[P]Gender Change item'.

3. Gacha Bonus Event!

Get the event rewards for spending certain amounts:

404 GemRun Removal (1)
808 GemExpand Avatar Storage(1)
1608 GemSpecial Supplement (10)Special Upgrade Protection (5)
350LG Rumpere EA Armor Booster(Tradeable)
400LG Rumpere EA Weapon Booster(Tradeable)

[Event Gacha] (Extended)

▶ During the event period, the event gacha is added to Gacha Box.

Summer Heat Event Gacha.PNG

[Fashionista Event]

▶ 5 selected Fashionistas will be posted on our Facebook page and the winners will get 50 gems, Fashionista Token as rewards.

Theme: "Halloween"


Step 1. Click the link to visit our support page. 


Step 2. Open a new ticket using the following form to participate in the event. 

Title: [Fashionista Event]

- Character name:
- Character Level:
- Leave your comment for ASDA community.

Step 3. Attach your screenshot, then submit it. 

 Please note

- The winner announcement with their photos will be posted on our website and Facebook page when the event ends.

- The rewards will be sent out via in-game mailbox during the Maintenance of following week after the event period.

[Happy Time Event]

▶ After the maintenance, you can enjoy x2 happy time everyday for two weeks!

EXP x2 01:00-03:00 / 13:00-15:00

※ Some event items will be deleted when the event is closed.

※ Event contents are subject to change.

Thank you.

~AG team