Welcome to ASDA with Masangsoft!

Service Transfer event


Greetings ASDA players!

We sincerely thank everyone who has loved and supported ASDA global.

ASDA global will be starting its new journey with MASANGSOFT starting May 17th, 2018.

We hope that you enjoy our special events to celebrate the service Transfer.


Event_subbanner.png ASDA GLOBAL


[Event 01] Transfer your accounts and receive a gift!

To celebrate service transfer, MASANGSOFT has prepared a little surprise for you!

We will deliver it to all players when the event ends (on June 21st)!


- Event period: May 17th - June 21st (GMT +9)


[Event 02] Happy time Event!]

Happy time will start! check the event schedule EXP x2, Gold x2!


- Event period: May 17th - June 21st (GMT +9)

[Event 03] Happy time PLUS!


By the number of "Likes" on ASDA Facebook Event Post,

additional hours will be added on Happy time after the following server maintenance.

You can earn up to 12 hours! Like and share with your friends!

- Event period: May 17th - June 14th (GMT +9)                      


[Event 04] We're here to listen!


Please tell us what you want and expect from ASDA global & Masangsoft.

10 winners will be chosen by admins, and the prize will be 100 gems.


- Event period: May 17th - June 21st(GMT +9)

- Prizes for the winners will be delivered on July 5th, 2018


Thank you. 

~AG team