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Greetings ASDA players! 

As we noted earlier, Attendance rewards will change after the maintenance on March 12th. 

Please be informed about the changes below:

 ■ Your Attendance rewards will reset to Day 1(Attendance table will remain the same, only different items) 


    Newbie's 21st Day → Newbie 1st Day,

    Return 28th Day → Return 1st Day

    Normal 1st Day → Normal 1st Day.

 ■ If you have not logged the game on March 12th (server time) before the maintenance starts,

     you will receive the first

    - day attendance reward after the maintenance.

 ■ If you have already logged on March 12th, you won't be able to get the new rewards again after the maintenance.  

    - You will be able to receive the Day1 reward starting March 13th (server time).

 ■ To view the new reward list, click the link below.


Thank you.