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Greetings ASDA players!

Please review the detailed information of the new contents that will be updated during our maintenance on March 12th, 2019. 


1. Balista weapons will be added on LaLa's Event shop (Exchangeable with Lv.25, Lv.45 weapon tokens)

- River Guarder Launcher: Exchangeable with Lv.25 Weapon token

- Prominence Blaster:  Exchangeable with Lv.45 Weapon token

2. New Attendance rewards! (including the one for New/Returning users)

- The daily reward from attendance checking will change! 

 (Details are revealed when starting the maintenance)

3. The wrong description of some items will be fixed. 

4. Snow bunny Image bug fixed

5. Server stabilization.

※ Please note that the contents are subject to change.

Thank you.

Best regards,

~AG team